Our Journey

In its 58th year of existence, the one gift that Swar Sadhna Samiti seeks is continuation: of Maa Saraswati's blessings & their Founders spiritual guidance in their ongoing efforts. On the 19th of October 1961, a Dassehra day, Swar Sadhna Samiti was born in a most humble setting - a one-room music class in Dhobi Talao, Mumbai. Its founding parents, well-known sitarist Pt. Keki S. Jijina & the world's first lady Tabla soloist and renowned musicologist, Dr. Aban E. Mistry, yearned to establish a movement beyond merely conducting music tuitions. Swar Sadhna Samiti's aims remain:

• To encourage young talents and organise programmes for their performances on stage.

• For the above purpose, to arrange monthly programmes of Indian classical music and dance.

• To hold Bal Sangeet Sammelans annually for talents under 14 years of age and Kishor Sangeet Sammelans for those between 14 and 21.

• To organise and conduct all-India classical music and dance competitions annually, open only to amateurs and invite eminent artistes as judges.

• To ensure the resultant Prize winners per category perform on stage during monthly programs.

• To organise an annual music and dance festival - 'Swarsadhnotsav' - staging eminent artistes.

• To confer Prizes upon competition winners ceremoniously on stage.

• To select and grant scholarships annually to talented youth unable to pursue their music studies due to economic reasons.

• To ensure that all Samiti programmes are open to all persons and entry is kept absolutely FREE of charge.

• To direct all activities in the propagation of Indian Classical music and dance among youth - the future of India - ensuring preservation and longevity of Indian cultural values.

Till date, Swar Sadhna Samiti has organised and hosted:

• 652 consecutive monthly music programs

• 36 consecutive annual Bal Sangeet Sammelans

• 35 consecutive annual Kishore Sangeet Sammelans

• 51 consecutive annual All-India Music and Dance Competitions

• 51 consecutive 'Swarsadhnotsav', annual music & dance festivals

Over the past half century, this "little big Samiti", an unsung hero itself, has proved to be a nique group persevering with neither compromise nor pomp and show. After the tragic loss of its Founders, Pt. Keki S. Jijina (14th August 2003) and Dr Aban E. Mistry (30th September 2012), Swar Sadhna Samiti quietly and resolutely marches ahead. Such has been the benevolence and love of its founders that there are second and third generations of families in its workforce. Swar Sadhna Samiti's aims & objectives, passion & prayers remain unaltered - it strives just as hard moving onwards as it did in 1961! 

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